Why I Started

As I begin this blog I am 32 years old, have just finished my bachelor’s degree and have been separated from the military for almost 10 years.  I have worked a few jobs and contributed to IRA’s as they were available.  My current full-time job offers a very poor one where they match up to $400 per year at 25%.  So I must contribute $1600 to get the $400 they are offering.  Their program is set up through ING and they take fees.  My experience with Edwards Jones was the same, they took 1% of what I put in and another 1% when I took something out and $40 per year for “maintenance.”

I didn’t sign up for the ING account because I figured the match would be eaten up in fees anyway.  I reach out to my Edwards Jones account manager but he only wanted to talk about retirement.  I have goals well before retirement.  So transferred my IRA, about $12,000 into an E*Trade account.

I have always learned by doing, so I figured I would start taking charge of my own retirement account and start some speculative investing and trading too.  I set a goal of having $2,500,000 by the end of 2027.  With this nest egg, I can comfortably retire and work only if I want to.  This is a rather ambitious goal but I have always found that if you aim for nothing you will always hit it.  So setting a goal and coming up short is better than never even trying.

Blogging: What Separates Me from The Rest?

I tell you about real trades that you can really make and don’t over complicate everything.  As I began I noticed there were hundreds of bloggers out there offering their “two cents” about how to get started.  After reading dozens I realized they said the same thing: NOTHING!  Titles like “25 Trading Terms to Know” and “5 Keys to Start Investing” sound great but when you go read them they never give you actionable advice.  For one thing, you don’t need to know 25 terms before you place your first trade.  Secondly, the “5” things to know always tell you to do research but never tell you where or how to do this research.

My approach is vastly different, I tell you what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.  As I figure things out and create a rule for myself, I take the time to explain that rule, how it works and give you easy-to-follow screen shots so you can do the same if you would like.

I will NEVER bombard you with offers and ads to sell my own or other’s products through affiliate links.  I will provide you with links to products and services that I actually use.  Some of these do pay a commission which helps keep this site free for everyone.


Please Take Note:

The blog entries are not financial advice, my goal is to simply share my story.  I have made some profits and also seen some stocks go down.  You may like the way I invest, you may hate it.  Either way, it is my story, I will not lie or exclude anything.  Everything is real money, real gains, and real losses.

I decided to blog about my experience because no one else is.  You can find plenty of advice but it never gets into the day-to-day things that a passive investor might encounter.  I highly encourage you to ask questions, I’m not an expert (yet) but have some real-world experience that may help.  If I don’t know the answer I will research until I find an answer.  Hopefully, after reading my blog you will not feel intimidated or overwhelmed about investing in the market.


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