5 thoughts on “Get started NOW! Stock Trading for Beginners

    1. Robinhood Gold is a good deal relatively speaking. Most brokerages charge interest on the money they lend you to trade while their Gold version charges a flat rate that is likely less than the cost of 2 trades at most brokerages. Margin accounts can be dangerous because you run the risk of losing more than you put in, so for a beginner, I would recommend against it. However, if you are going to start a margin account somewhere they certainly offer a great deal, the best I’ve seen.

        1. A margin accounts allows you to borrow money from your brokerage to trade with. The goal is make invest more therefore make more money. The risk is if you lose more than your borrow you are in the hook for it. It is a useful tool for professional day trades but not a good idea for beginners.

          I will absolutely be doing a full sperate post on this in the future when I experiment with it.

          Thanks for reading!

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