Following My Strategy


Yesterday I canceled my order for SGMD at $0.16 per share bought back into SGMD for $0.40 per share.  Today the price dropped to $0.15 per share!!  Had I stuck with my original strategy and not gotten emotional I would have fared much better.  But I didn’t and learned a hard lesson from it.  I have learned that I need to stick to my guns next time instead of letting my emotions dictate my actions.  Seeing the price drop was still a buying opportunity to get my average price per share down.

I bought 6,000 shares of SGMD for $0.1565, a total cost of $946.25.
This brought my total shares to 11,000 and average share price down from $0.40 to $0.27.


AAP, which my wife had held for some time was doing poorly.  She paid $159 a share over a year ago and the price had since dropped below $80.  I set an automatic sell at $110 and figured that was a good place to cut our losses.

I sold 2 shares of AAP for $110.00 each, total cashout of $213.04.

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