Last Trade of the Year #BIGPROFIT


So at the end of the year, I got a raise at my day job!  Instead of increasing my lifestyle I decided to increase my IRA contributions.  Beginning today I will contribute $105 per paycheck, which will total to $5,460.  Just shy of the maximum ductible amount of $5,500 per person.

I contributed $105 to my IRA and $25 to my brokerage account.

Earlier in the year, I had bought 2 lots of SGMD, spending a total of $820.40 for 18,300 shares.  I had set an automatic sell if it rose above $0.20 per share.

I sold all 18,300 shares for 0.201 each, total cashout was $3,669.08.

I netted a very nice profit of $2,848.68, a 248% increase!

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