I contributed $75 to my IRA and $25 to my brokerage.


My wife had a few stocks sitting at different brokerages.  We decided to bring them all under one roof.  I send E*Trade an email requesting that my wife’s name is added to the brokerage account.  We had to submit a little bit of paperwork and mailed it in.  I took about 1 week for her name to be officially added.  Once she was named to the account the rollover was fairly simple.  I used E*Trade’s online tools to make the request and then mailed in signed forms authorizing the transfer.

The transfers consisted of:
2 shares of Advance Auto Parts, Inc (AAP) originally bought for $159 each while she was employed there.
120 shares of Lowe’s Company Inc (LOW) originally bought in 1999 for $14.23 per share, the total cost was $1,707.60.  These were a gift from her Grandma.
$570.55 in “cash” from dividend payouts over the years.  We have paid taxes on the dividend payments over the years.

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