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I contributed $50 to my IRA and $25 to my brokerage.

I had a good resell hustle that netted me $590 which I deposited into my brokerage account.

Hemp Inc (HEMP) is another penny stock, it is an industrial cannabis producer that is based in NC.  There is very little THC in their product, you would need to smoke about a ton to get a buzz.  It is a new company whose business product was just recently legalized and is preparing for its first harvest.  It was trading for about $0.02 a share so I thought it was worth taking a chance on.  I bought 33,000 shares at $0.0209 per share for a total cost of $696.65.

I was excited to invest so much into a single stock, the small contributions added to the small windfall help me purchase a lot of stock with a lot of potentials.

At last check on 1/8/2018, it was trading for $0.0362!  A remarkable 71.5% increase in less than 4 months!!  The price has even peaked to over $0.04 per share.  I decided to hold it for the long haul.

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